After an extended period of being inactive, the Nishiki Koi Club was reactivated on Feb 8, 2014 at 1 p.m.

Orange County koi club meeting

Orange County koi club meeting – Gordon & Ally Chibana pond

The club’s meeting was held at the home of Gordon and Ally Chibana and 24 members attended (see below roll call of attendees).

After a delicious lunch prepared by Ally and Gordon (hot dogs, chili, assorted salads and desserts. THANK YOU! ☺), our outgoing President Louie Hernandez called the meeting to order.

After his welcoming remarks were concluded, elections were the first order of business. The following slate of officers was motioned: Gordon Chibana – President; Craig & Randee Chambers – Vice President; Don Chandler – Secretary; and Sanda Ochs – Treasurer. The slate of officers was approved by voice vote. Louie thanked everyone for volunteering to serve and then turned the meeting over to our incoming President.

Gordon assigned Louie and Sanda to execute a new checking account signature card by adding Sanda, retaining Louie and dropping Carole Simoes as authorized signers. Louie advised our checking account had a balance of approximately $______.

It was suggested, and Gordon agreed, that club officers should hold executive meetings 30 minutes prior to general membership meetings to discuss and resolve minor business items not requiring the active participation of attending members.

Louie volunteered to obtain a new P.O. Box for the club’s use.

Brenda Chandler volunteered to continue to serve as the club’s AKCA Dir/Rep.

Caesar Yanez volunteered to continue to serve as the club’s Webmaster. He asked Don to be sure to send him the Minutes and some photos to post.

Due to their absence, it was unclear whether Andrew and Blanca Corlett would continue to serve as the club’s Newsletter Editors.

Lisa Barnett volunteered to serve as the club’s Social Media Director.

After discussion, Gordon motioned that we reduce club dues to $30 per family, per year, with the cost to include name tags; approved by voice vote.

Gordon handed out club Application Forms, which everyone completed and returned to Sanda along with their dues; those who needed name tags indicated such on the form.

Don was assigned to order the name tags and received the completed forms from Sanda. (Inside the check book cover was the following note, which is believed to be the manufacturer of our name tags: Blue Engraving, 1375 Caspian Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813.)

After discussion, Gordon motioned that the club should resume awarding Friendship Trophies at koi shows which club members attend: approved by voice vote. Gordon and Lisa to research and order a small stock of trophies, keeping in mind both purchase cost and ease of transportation.

By voice vote the club decided to continue the Pot Luck format for future meetings.

Craig & Randee volunteered to host the March meeting at their home in Lakewood. A Meeting Notice will be emailed to all members with the date, time and address.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Chandler, Secretary


Connie Shelton
Lucy Landman
Louie Hernandez
Doug Wright
Javier & Sanda Ochs
Gordon & Ally Chibana
Don & Brenda Chandler
Marv Ewing, Jr.
Greg & Robin Fernandez
Caesar & Bettina Yanez
Jeff & Ruth Bishop
Russ & Vicki Madsen
Mallory Hartt
Lisa Barnett
Craig & Randee Chambers
Bev Hunter (form not received? dpc)

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