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This Koi sale is open to anyone; however, only Nishiki Koi Club members can post here. Most of our members reside in Orange County, California. Most of the sales will be pick-up only as arranged by the seller(s). Shipping may not be available unless noted by the seller. Please contact the seller directly.


Oxygen systems:

Two bottles as shown in pic. Both with gauges and bag filling hoses, hand-valves, etc. (fill equipment not shown).

Bottles full of oxygen. One with stand (shown on far right).

One extra bottle (middle in pic) - empty.

Full bottle w/gauges, stand & bag-filling equip: $35 (compare at $100+)

Full bottle w/gauges & bag-filling equip & w/o stand $30 (compare at $100+)

Empty bottle: $10 (compare at $50)

Caveat: Some oxygen filling places won't fill the "medical oxygen" bottles. The good news is that some do. I will tell the buyer(s) where to get them filled

koi pond equipment


Rectangular measuring tub: Heavy polyethylene (floats) ~4ft outside lip (length), 42.5" long x 17.5" wide x 15" deep inside. Good condition. $75 (compare at $279 + shipping)

koi measuring tub

Note: "compare at..." are prices I found on the internet.

Spike Cover (in Mission Viejo-you pick them up here)
or email:

Thanks in advance,





Nishiki Koi members wishing to sell their koi or equipment through this website are welcomed to post their ad. Just email Caesar/webmaster your jpeg image(s) and general description of the koi(s) you wish to sell. Only your email and/or phone number will be posted. Once you have sold your fish, email Caesar in order to remove your listing. This posting feature is for our members only.

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feng shui with koi / bronze foundry

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