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Chuck & Ann Molin's Pond
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This home greets you with an enticing informal natural pond, wonderfully landscaped, that is nestled between the front gate and the front door. This is a "Welcome" that instantly makes you feel at home and relaxed. This pond was professionally constructed 2 years ago and is strategically placed to allow for "meandering" around the pond from the front to the patio or up to a shady little sitting area for some afternoon ice tea. There is a custom designed bridge that goes over the pond, which makes for a nice feeding spot. This pond has a tall waterfall made out of hand made rock that trickles into the pond and is bordered with assorted plants. This home is next to a wildlife reserve, which only adds to the quiet backdrop of this serene spot. The pond is filled with assorted gold fish koi including some butterfly koi (Long Fin), which are the owner's favorites.

Pond: 4000 gallon pond with irregular natural stream shape and rock edges. Approximately 2-3 feet deep

Filtration: Bottom drains leading to a sand filter with skimmer

Aeration: From waterfall and a few additional air stones

Maintenance:- Professionally maintained by a pond service that comes every two weeks to backwash the filter, do water changes and check on the fish.

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