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Chuck Thompson's Pond
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POND: The Pond holds 4,000 gallons total volume (includes waterfall and filter) irregular shape pond 18 x 12x 4 1/2. Includes two 2 1/2 bottom drains. (would have preferred 4 drains) mounted on top of one drain is a 6 Bubble Air Diffuser that I have on a timer; mounted 1 Float Valve for automatic water fill and a side mount Swimming Pool Skimmer.

WATERFALL: The three tier waterfall is on a gradual sloping hill and at its widest point is twelve feet. From the top of the pond to the top of the Waterfall is approximately seven feet and is twenty feet in length.


FILTERATION: The filter system consists of a 5 pre-formed cone-bottom, cylindrical pre-filter (settling tank) which is gravity fed from the pond bottom drains and skimmer Via 4 PVC drain lines. The main pump (1/4 hp Wave) picks up the water from the of the pre-filter and runs through the filter (Ultima ll, 4000 Bead Filter) back to the pond and waterfall (regulated by two separate valves ).

OTHER: A 1 hp Whisperflo pump is set up as an option for backwash of the Ultima ll and/or running the waterfall for more water volume for effect. However, majority of the time, the hp Wave pump is used for backwashing the filter on a weekly basis.

The pond system also have a Aqua Ulterviolet 80 Watt UV light mounted from the return water line of the Ultima filter back to the pond and waterfall.

Other members that have JPEG images of their pond and want them posted here, please email Caesar Yanez by clicking here and attaching the file(s). Include any text you want under the picture in the email message.

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