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Louie & Ginger Hernandez's Pond
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This home has a large formal pond, made of gunite, with a tiered waterfall. The pond is an oval pond with raised sides. The owners are members of our club and are very active in the Koi hobby, enjoying all aspects of the hobby, including going to, and participating in, many of the local Koi Shows. This pond houses 30 beautiful koi ranging in size from 14" to 28". As you will notice, the owner has a keen eye for picking fish. You will see some award winning koi and he usually has a few "Tagetgoi"- (fish with potential or hopefuls for the upcoming shows). You will also notice that the owners have a few extra smaller ponds/tanks that are used to quarantine new fish, or as hospital tanks when needed or nurseries for the baby koi after a spawning. The owner is very knowledgeable about raising koi and lives our club motto - "Friendship through Koi"

Pond: 10' x 18', with a depth of 52" .

Gallons: 6000

Formal pond, with 3" bottom drains as well as a skimmer.

Filtration: Two 4' diameter barrel filters - up-flow gravel system. The barrels contain Del Rio river rock and high-density black foam. Filters are provided with extra aeration via a standpipe drawing air into the water flow.

Pump: A 1/4 h power Sequence pump operates the two-barrel filters. The waterfall is run by a 2 speed Dolphin pump using a converted sand filter. The sand filter is filled with ceramic rock that is lightweight and easily backwashed. All pumps are rated energy efficient

Pre-filter: Settling tank is 7' diameter by 38" deep. All water circulates into the settling tank that is filled with water plants and brushes before going into the barrel filters.

Aeration: Additional (besides waterfall) aeration is provided by a Maruka 621 air pump, that is plumbed to provide air to 4 different systems.


Other members that have JPEG images of their pond and want them posted here, please email Caesar Yanez by clicking here and attaching the file(s). Include any text you want under the picture in the email message.

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