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Steve, Terri & Nicole Thompson's Pond
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This one-year-old pond is the owner’s first ever attempt at a pond of any size. They never even had an aquarium. Almost all of the work was done by them, except some of the digging and concrete work. Right in the middle of months of research (BEFORE DIGGING!!), they stumbled upon a member of the Nishiki Koi Club. This chance meeting helped change the dynamics of the pond from a backyard water garden to a functional environment for koi fish.


5100 Gallons total.

EPDM Rubber Liner (made by Firestone, I hope it doesn’t blow!)

22’ x 11’ x 5’ deep with steep sloping sides and sloped bottom.

18" square concrete collar around perimeter for stability.

300 gallon settling tank

(3) 300 gallon upflow gravel bio filters

¼ hp pump

Surface skimmer driven by 1/16th hp pump

(2) 4" bottom drains

Gravity fed system

Aeration: waterfall and (2) venturi returns

Pond shaded by (4) "shade sails"

Other members that have JPEG images of their pond and want them posted here, please email Caesar Yanez by clicking here and attaching the file(s). Include any text you want under the picture in the email message.

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