Koi Club Member Pond – Terry & Cheryl Fotia


This home has not only their ponds but also some nice interesting fruit trees and a lovely carefully manicured garden. The large pond is a new formal gunite pond with hand made rock formations for the sides and the waterfall. This is replacing the other main pond that was a self built liner pond, which hopefully they will have the picture out because it won first place in a pond contest. Actually their “gold fish” pond also placed in the same category. Their love for ponds, koi and gardens is obvious when you notice many small water gardens too. The big pond houses 7 large koi (about 24″) koi and 12+ goldfish that have been their pets for about 15 years. Needless to say you may also some the new additions …a few babies that occurred after her fish “got excited” in the nice new pond.

Terry & Chery' s koi pond


Terry & Chery' s koi pond

Main Pond: This is the “new” in ground formal pond with raised sides. Total water volume is about 5000 gallons, including filtration, with approximately 3500 gallons of swim space. It is 5′ deep with a step in case the dogs go for an accidental swim. Note: This is an important consideration when building a pond, especially a deep one. Often times a pet can fall in and with straight sides they can not get out.

Filtration: up-flow gravel rock ( Del Rio River 3/4″ & 3/8″ on top) as the mechanical & white matting for the bio. There are 2 chambers; each one is 4’x5’x4′. Under the rocks and matting is an air manifold used for cleaning. Once every six (alternating the chambers to maintain some good bacteria) a cell is cleaned using a 2 amp blower for 3 minutes. The air bubbles loosen the debris by blowing it to the top where it is drained out the side. On a weekly basis they pull the standpipe in the pre-filter and hose off the brushes. During this process they also drain some water to do approx. a 20% water change each week. The water is pumped from the main filter to the waterfall and jets that go to the pond.

Pre-filter: The water is gravity fed into the settling tank (500 gal), which is under the wood decking. It then passes through the brush chamber (100 gal). The settling tank is equipped with an overflow pipe that goes into a third chamber for draining. The water is pumped from the pre-filter to the main filter.

Pump: 1/4 H Aqua Flow pump, with a ball valve and a pipe that returns to the pond. This is used to adjust the flow rate of the water going through the filter. Remember—too fast and the good “Bio” can’t do its job properly.

Smaller Pond AKA Gold Fish pond:

This is an owner-built, above ground, formal liner pond with an encased cider block side (filled with rebar and concrete) The side are finished with Coronado tile fascia.

Filtration: 110 gal up flow barrel filter filled with PVC ribbon, white filter matting, 3 inch high-density foam and then rigid blue Japanese matting.

Aeration: comes from the column rock waterfall & 2-bullnose tile spillways.