Harmful Plants

The following list of harmful plants comes from an article published in KOI USA several years ago



Poisonous Part

Amaryllis- Bulbs Jerusalem Cherry- Berries
Azalea- Leaves
Jimsonweed- Leaves, seeds
Balsam Pear- Seeds, outer rind of fruit
Juniper ( J. virginiana)- Needles, stems, berries
Baneberry- Berries, roots
Lantana- Immature berries
Bird of Paradise- Seeds Larkspur- All parts
Black Locust- Bark, sprouts, foliage
Laurel- All parts
Blue/Green Algae- Some forms toxic
Lily of the Valley- All parts, including water
Boxwood- Leaves, stems
Lobelia- All parts
Buckthorn- Fruit, bark
Locoweed- All parts
Buttercup- Sap, bulbs Lords and Ladies- All parts
Caladium- Leaves
Marijuana- Leaves
Calla Lily- Leaves
Mayapple- All parts, except fruit
Castor Bean (Castor Oil)- Beans, Leaves
Mescal Bean- Seeds
Challice Vine- All parts
Mistletoe- Berries
Cherry Tree- Bark, twigs, leaves, pits Mock Orange- Fruit
Christmas Candle- Sap
Monkshood- Leaves, roots
Coral Plant- Seeds
Morning Glory- All parts
Daffodil- Bulbs
Narcissus- Bulbs
Daphne- Berries
Nightshades (All)- Berries, leaves
Datura- Berries Oak- Acorns, foliage
Deadly Amanita- All parts
Oleander- Leaves, branches, nectar of blossoms
Death Camas- All parts
Philodendron- Leaves, stem
Deiffenbachia- Leaves
Pikeweed- Leaves, roots,
Delphinium- All parts
immature berries
Eggplant- All parts but fruit Poinsettia- Leaves, flowers
Elephant’s Ear (Taro)- Leaves, stem
Poison Ivy- Sap
English Ivy- Berries, leaves
Poison Oak- Sap
False Henbane- All parts
Potato- Eyes and new shoots
Foxglove- Leaves, seeds
Privet- All parts, including berries
Golden Chain- All parts, especially seed
Rhododendron- All parts
Hemlock, Poison- All parts, especially roots and seeds
Rhubarb- Leaves
Hemlock, Water- All parts, especially roots and seeds
Rosary Peas- Seeds
Henbane- Seeds
Skunk Cabbage- All parts
Holly- Berries Snow on Mountain- All parts
Horse Chestnut- Nuts, twigs
Snowdrop- All parts, especially buds
Hyacinth- Bulbs
Sweet Pea- Seeds and fruit
Hydrangea- Flower bud
Tobacco- Leaves
Indian Turnip (jack-in-the-pulpit)- All parts
Virginia Creeper- Sap
Iris (Blue Flag)- Bulbs
Wisteria- All parts
Java Bean (Lima)- Uncooked bean
Yam Bean- Roots, immature pods
Yew (American, English, Japanese)- Needles, seeds