News on AKCA Books

The AKCA Board approved the printing of a new book at the last Board meeting titled “Buying and Judging Koi”. This all color, 200 page book is a compilation of KOI USA articles on Judging Koi, articles on buying koi and how koi change and the Tetegoi series by Joel Burkard. This book will be printed within the next 6 months when the last 3 Judges Corner articles are written to complete judging of all varieties. This book is expected to retail for $25.

The AKCA book on Koi Classification, History and Bloodlines is in work but is not expected to be completed for at least 12 more months.

The AKCA Board voted to discontinue the Practical Koi Keeping series of books. There are about 600 copies of PKK1 & PKK2 and 30 copies of PKK3 left in the AKCA Bookstore inventory so now is the opportunity to buy them before they sell out. Each book retails for $25 and is available thru the AKCA Bookstore on-line or by phone. PKK1 covers ponds, filters, pumps, water and koi care. PKK2 covers disease, medication, winterizing, some koi classification, water plants and general koi topics. PKK3 covers Koi 101, food, more on ponds & filters, more on koi classification & medical, photography and general topics. These books will become collector items.

The long term goal of the AKCA Board, when the existing inventory of PKK books is depleted, is to create two new Basic Koi information books splitting the topics evenly between the books and providing updates as required by addendum or insert to the two new books instead of having the same topic spread out over 2-3 books as the PKK series was doing. The sooner the inventory PKK books can be sold, the sooner the two new books can be created.