Why join a Koi Club organization?

There is a real need for new hobbyists to learn how to keep Koi successfully, learn where to find quality Koi and the materials needed to maintain them.

In Nishiki Koi Club we have a number of members who possess a large fund of knowledge and experience. Usually this experience has often been hard-won through trial and error.

We would like to help the newcomer: Save Time & Money….Learn through our mistakes on poor pond design, useless filters and wasted products.

Have a network of people that you can ask questions about your fish or pond!

It doesn’t matter if you have a small pond or a large one, the problems are the same.


Learn More About:

  • Pond Construction
  • Types Of Filtration
  • Filter Construction
  • Water Quality
  • Nutrition
  • Medication
  • Health & Disease
  • Koi Selection
  • Showing Koi
  • Koi Classification.
  • Breeding
  • New Products
  • Plants
  • Water Gardens

In addition to a club membership, which is ready to help the newcomer, we have programs at meetings for the purpose of sharing information and educating one another about all aspects of the hobby.

As a club, we belong to the Associated Koi Clubs of America. This affiliation broadens the scope of our acquaintance and sources of knowledge to the whole of our country and Canada.

In addition, we provide members with the opportunity to subscribe, at a reduced rate, to the beautiful Koi USA Magazine.