Famous koi breeders

Japan is the world´s epicentre for koi breeding, especially when it comes to high-end varieties. A lot of the fish stays in Japan, but there is also a big annual export of koi to other parts of the world where koi keeping has become popular.

Below, we will provide you with a list of well-known Japanese koi breeders and some info about their various specialisations. Hopefully, it can help you track down the right breeder for your needs if you want to buy directly from a breeder.

Please note that the list is by no means complete, and is not a guarantee for supreme quality.

koi farmers
Koi farmers

Renowned koi breeders in Japan


Aoki has wide assortment that includes Goshike, Beni Kikokuryu, Kin Kikokuryu. Doitsu Hariwake, Doitsu Goshike, Doitsu Sanke, Doitsu Yamato Nishiki, Kujaku, and Kawarimono.


Famous for high-end show-quality Gosanke.

Genjiro Koi Farm

Chiefly renowned for their Kohaku and Sanke, but also breed a few other varieties, including Matsuba.

Hiranishi Koi Farm

Their specialisations is Kin Show.

Hirashin Koi Farm

Koi from this farm has placed high in prestigious koi shows. Specializes in Kohaku and Sanke.

Hirashin Koi Farm (Zengoro)

Their main specialisations is Hi Utsuri, but they also have Ginrin, Goshike and Showa.

Hiroi Koi Farm (Conias)

Chiefly famous for their Goshike and Kigoi.

Hiroi Koi Farm (Tokube)

A renowned breeder of Heisei Nishiki (Doitsue Yamato Nishiki). Also sells the rare Kawarimono koi.

Hiroi Koi Farm (Yozaemon)

This breeder is chiefly famous for thei Ginrin Goshiki and Doitsu Ochiba Shigure, but also produces a few other varieties, including Sanke.


Koi from Hoshikin has placed top or high in prestigious competitions for koi. This breeder specializes in Kohaku.

Igarashi Koi Farm (Seiki)

Mostly known for their Kin Kikokuryu.

Ikarashi Kazuto

Known for their top-level Sanke.


Specializes in Jumbo Ogon. Koi from Izumiya has won the Grand Championship at All Niigata Koi Show.

Jimbei Koi Farm

Specializes in high-end Sanke.


Specializes in Kujaku, Koromo and Shiro Utsuri.


Chiefly known for their Goshike.

Kansuke Koi Farm

Koi from this farm has placed high at the All Japan Koi Show. Chiefly famous for their Jumbo Kohaku.

Koshiji Koi Farm

Specializes in unusual koi that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

Marusei Koi Farm (Hirasawa)

One of the main breeders of Chagoi in Niigata.


Chiefly known for their Aka Matsuba and Shusui.

Maruboshi Koi Farm

Specializes in Kohaku and has placed well in prestigious koi shows.

Marudo Koi Farm (Hisashi Hirasawa)

Breeds mostly Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, and Asagi.

Marusaka (Tiruo)

Famous for breeding Sanke of Jinbei bloodline and Hikarimono.

Marushu (Abe San)

This breeder is chiefly know for its Goshike, and for its Kohaku from SFF bloodline. Also sells other varieties, including Koromo and Showa.


A breeder that offers many different koi varieties, including Wagoi, Ginrin, Ginrin Shiro Utsuri, Hikarimono, Doitsu Gosanke, Shiro Utsuri, and Kawarimono.


Many champions have been bred by Miyatora. Their specialization is Kujaku and Kinki Utsuri.

Otsuka Koi Farm (Yoshikazu Otsuka)

Chiefly known for the Asagi, Ochiba, Goshike, and Kigoi.

Sakai Matsunosuke

Known for breeding Sanke using some genetic material from the Magoi bloodline.


Specializes in high-end Showa.


Known to have Ginrin Yamabuki of a high reputation.


Specializes in Showa.

Takano Koi Farm

Specializes in Koromo, Goshike, and Ginrin Goshike.


Reknown for developing Ginrin Kohaku using mainly the Dainichi and Tomoin (Hoshikin) bloodline.

Yamazaki (Yamazaki Seichi)

Specializes in Doitsu Hariwake and Yamabuki.